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Vicki Warker

Chief Marketing Officer
Savi Technology

Strategic B2B Technology Marketing Executive who has delivered millions in revenue impact

Describe your industry experience:

  • Telecommunications – wireless, wireline and satellite
  • Technology – IoT, hardware
  • Software – SaaS, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence

Describe your functional experience:

I have managed the P&L for products lines worth up to $2B in revenue managing a staff of 400 for a global telecom operator and a global satellite operator.  I have also been responsible for launching and growing global first to market products for multi-billion dollar enterprises and for small start-ups.

Describe your key business transactional experience:  

Early in my career I was responsible for integrating acquired people and products.

Since then I have participated in planning and executing mergers, been part of an acquisition and played a key role in both the formation and unwind of a global joint venture.

What is the most important skill you bring to a corporate board?

I am skilled at identifying the gaps between well operating functional silos such as Sales, Marketing and Operations. The best product at the best price will fail if it is too hard to sell, buy, understand or implement.