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Tracy S. Harris

Chief Financial Officer
The BondFactor Co., LLC

Industry experience:

  • Growth-minded, highly ethical senior executive officer with extensive experience driving financial growth within complex private, public and not- for-profit environments.
  • 20 years experience with financial services industry. Specific experience in banking, insurance and investments.
  • Experience working in city, state and federal governments. Specific experience in project finance, federal contracting, public/private partnerships, consulting and outsourcing.
  • CFO experience with green field technology startup operations, working in minimal funding environments with highly creative entrepreneurs.
  • Additional experience working in the not-for-profit sector, with professional associations, universities and cultural organizations through board service.

Functional Experience:

  • Over 15 years experience as a CFO, with operating knowledge in every aspect of finance, including financial management, budgeting, forecasting, regulatory compliance, audit, internal controls, financial reporting, debt management, capital planning, tax and accounting.
  • Experienced in administrative management, policy and procedure development, human capital management, team building, and performance evaluation.
  • Strong background in business banking, credit, insurance, and business modeling/project feasibility analysis and evaluation.
  • Skilled in the development of marketing and financial information for investor, lender or rating agency presentations.
  • Communications and crisis management; crafting, messaging and positioning information for boards, investors, donors, customers, and employees.

Key business Transactional Experience:

  • Currently the CFO of a startup company with a role in corporate development; representing the company in fundraising efforts with investment bankers, private equity and angel investors. Involved in presentations to the rating agencies, investors and regulators.
  • Structured the financing for a $90 million headquarters building renovation.
  • Negotiated 10-year, $27 million lease with GSA.
  • Raised $850 million in bonds for the construction of the Walter Washington Convention Center.
  • Negotiated a $17 million lease financing agreement for the demolition of the old convention center and construction of a parking facility.
  • Financial management and treasury operations of the $2 billion federal agency. Approved corporate and U.S. foreign investments in developing countries. Reviewed and approved investment funds, political risk insurance, and direct investment for infrastructure projects, i.e. Telecom, Power, and Minerals.
  • Completed over $5 billion in credit assessments of municipal bond issuers.
  • Assisted with the $3 billion restructuring of the City of Philadelphia debt during the fiscal crisis.

What is the most important skill you bring to a corporate board?

  • Skilled financial expert who can immediately add value to a board of directors with skills and experience to serve on the audit, risk management or compensation committees.
  • Strong analytical background and seasoned approach to addressing complex board-level issues in corporate governance, policy and long range strategic planning.
  • Experience with technology based startups. Interest and desire to see innovative ideas and intellectual capital developed, funded, and implemented globally.
  • Experience vetting investment opportunities, performing duediligence, deal negotiation and working alongside accounting and legal advisors.
  • Strong understanding the impact of non-financial metrics and how they can foreshadow financial or operating issues.
  • Commitment to the role and responsibilities of being a board member. Prepared to become immersed in the duties of the board, to develop a deep understanding of the company and industry.