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Phyllis L. Bayer

Dumbarton Strategies, LLC

Expertise in:

  • Large organizational leadership and management, including strategic planning and performance-based metrics (i.e., Department of Defense)
  • Human capital management
  • Infrastructure, energy, environment, and safety management
  • Ethics, legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Risk and crisis management

Describe your industry experience:

  • Executive leadership and direction of large, complex organization, including strategic planning and establishing meaningful, measurable goals and metrics to support the corporate vision
  • Policy setting and oversight of a diverse set of Defense activities (infrastructure, energy, utilities, safety, facilities (new construction and maintenance and repair), environmental compliance, housing, privatization, economic redevelopment, and test & evaluation
  • Communication and collaboration at the federal and state level, including congressional engagements, state governor and agency engagements, and media interactions
  • Human capital management including promotion and succession planning, performance-based management, training, diversity and inclusion policy, and growing the right talent for the time
  • Advisory boards; vetting and nominating board members and ensuring ethical culture and conduct

Describe your functional experience:

Functional expertise lies in optimizing real estate footprint to support operations; infrastructure modernization; economic redevelopment; privatization and outsourcing; energy and waste management; housing management; safety and environmental compliance; environmental planning; and natural and cultural resource conservation.

Describe your key business transactional experience:

  • Executive leadership on large federal land acquisitions (air, land, and sea)
  • Focus on safety to reduce incident and injury
  • Negotiating at the state governor and federal-level multi-billion dollar construction projects
  • Contract oversight to reduce costs and eliminate unnecessary redundant expenses

What are the most important skills you bring to a corporate board?

  • Recognizing people as the most valuable asset of any organization. Brings a leadership style that engages the “whole team” effort to develop a vibrant and motivated workforce, to solve tough problems and deliver results.
  • Listening and working as a team; works well with others
  • Reading financial statements and assess corporate performance
  • Maintaining a keen awareness of ESG issues
  • Focus on safety to reduce incident and injury
  • Managing risk and responding to crises as they occur