Lisa Ginn, MD, FAAD

CEO & Owner
Skin@LRG, LLC ®

  • Medical Physician
  • Cosmetic LASER & Cosmetic Product Expert
  • Beauty Industry Specialist with Extensive Expertise in Multi-Ethnic Skin Care

Describe your industry experience: 

  • Medical & Clinical Health Care
  • Scientific & Clinical Research
    • Clinical application
    • Increased presence of women and minorities in research clinical studies
    • Data analysis for development of public policy
  • Cosmetic Product & Device Development and Strategic Market Placement
    • Chemistry degree and vast product ingredient knowledge
    • Extensive experience in product formulation and clinical evaluation and analysis

Describe your functional experience:

  • CEO & Owner for $1.3M solo medical practice and retail store with 4 employees
  • Medical Director for $5M group medical practice
  • Cosmetic and Medical Advisory Member for division of billion dollar cosmetic company and university research skin of color institute 

Describe your key business transactional experience:

  • Management of all aspect of $1M+ budget of privately owned business
    • Grew business from ground up to sustained annual gross revenue of $1.M+ with $300K+ in retail cosmetic product sales in less than 5 years
  • Demonstrated consistent growth and expansion of revenue streams of privately owned business
    • Joined business in its second year and played integral part in growing business revenue from $1.2M to $5M+ in 5 years

What is the most important skill you bring to a corporate board?

  • One of less than 300 board-certified African American dermatologist worldwide
  • One of less than a few dozen African American fellowshipped trained cosmetic laser surgeons
  • Medical doctor with a career rich in a wide array of medical and cosmetic disciplines and well established and respected relationships within private and public industry
  • Entrepreneur with 10 years of proven success and self-employment
  • Unique expertise both in and beyond traditional medicine with transferable skillset to impact multiple industries including
    • Scientific research
    • Clinical and cosmetic medicine
    • Medical technology
    • Cosmetic product and device development, application and regulation