Lauren Van Wazer

Vice President, Global Public Policy
Akamai Technologies

Head of global public policy for a $2.5B 7,000 employee cloud computing and cybersecurity company doing business in over 130 countries.

I am a lawyer and engineer with 20 years private sector and federal government experience in global public policy, legislation, and regulatory law for wide-ranging issues.  I have extensive expertise in Internet law and regulation, cybersecurity, privacy, telecommunications, and energy infrastructure.  I currently head up global public policy at Akamai Technologies, a function I started for the company.  I have also served as head of public affairs for a federal agency.

Describe your industry experience:

I have extensive experience in the high tech and telecommunications sectors.  I started career as a network engineer for AT&T and, after becoming a lawyer, worked as an appellate law clerk and for a top national law firm, Arnold & Porter.

I was a senior leader on wireless (Wi-Fi and broadband) and homeland security policy issues at the Federal Communications Commission’s Office of Engineering and Technology, and then head of regulatory affairs at Cox Enterprises (the then $16B, 65,000 employee holding company for Cox Communications, as well as various broadcast TV, radio, newspapers, and automotive companies).

I worked at the White House on cybersecurity incident response and policy and, for the past five years, I’ve been head of global public policy for Akamai, a cloud computing and cybersecurity company. I recently became a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), the gold standard technical credential for senior cybersecurity professionals.

I have experience as senior policymaker in multiple federal agencies, including the White House, FCC, and DOE.

Describe your functional experience:
Head of global public policy for $2.4B cloud computing and cybersecurity services company.  Previous industry experience as head of regulatory affairs for $16B cable, media, and automotive company. Former Chair of the Board of Directors for the largest global technology trade association, Information Technology Industry Council, with an annual budget of $12M.

Describe your key business transactional experience:

Lead Akamai review, which includes C-level executives, of all telecommunications and media mergers to assess impact and develop company strategies. Develop narrative and advocacy strategy for all regulatory filings and meetings with government regulatory officials, including competition authorities.

What is the most important skill you bring to a corporate board?

I can help them better identify issues critical to the business of the company and provide strategic advice on either leveraging them for the company’s benefit or navigating around them.   With a 20-year career in global public policy, and I have developed an extensive understanding of the global regulatory and legislative environment.  I am adept at discerning future trends, and, in turn, assessing the implications of these trends for products and services and then strategizing on what the best courses of future actions are.