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Kathleen C. O’Leary

Sr. Dir., Business Dev.
InScope Energy, LLC

Industry Experience:
For most of my career, I have worked in the development of innovative products and solutions for the commercial real estate industry; most recently focusing on sustainable energy technologies.

Functional Experience:
I design and implement strategies for companies positioned for high-growth.  I have been involved as a key, foundational team member in several, but specifically two, pre-revenue start-up business initiatives.  For both companies my role was largely focused on revenue generation and protection: marketing, sales and account management.  This involves heavy market research, value propositioning, branding & communications, developing partnerships and delivery process design in addition to generating leads and closing deals. But as in any start-up environment, I often took on responsibilities of staffing/HR, operational design and implementation, and for a while, even in supply-chain management.  Additionally, I held one position for approximately four years where I designed and lead sweeping cultural change initiatives for a 50 year old firm experiencing rapidly shrinking market share and negative growth.  In lockstep with the CEO, we implemented a process for senior and mid-level management to be trained, empowered and held accountable for their division’s profit and loss, including business development and revenue generation; which is no easy feat for a firm primarily consisting of engineers.

Key Business Transactional Experience:
I have not been directly involved in a merger or acquisition.

What is the most important skill you bring to a corporate board?
I bring an almost unparalleled level of excitement and energy to assisting enterprises realize their potential though core competency development, disciplined execution and passionate communications …which results in innovative strategies, actionable tactics and measurable, sustainable development of market share and industry leadership.  Additionally, I have a mind for the power of diversity and inclusionary initiatives for women in male-dominated industries such as engineering, construction and energy.