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Devie Dragone

Aqqolade, Inc.

Industry Experience:
For-profit Industry Experiences:
Military – USAF
Financial Services/Banking – Retail, Operations and Information
Technology: S & L’s as small as $400MM in assets to a Fortune 50 Bank
with >$1.5T in assets
Utilities – Information Technology
Professional Learning Development Services
Non-Profit Experience:
Community Development Organization
State-funded youth-at-risk mentoring organization
International Professional Services Organization – CoP and Chapter

Functional Experience:
Psychological Testing Administrator, Consultant in USAF

IT Program Manager for multi-million dollar Utility upgrades and initial installations of Automated Metering Systems across the Northwest and Southwest U.S.

Transition Office Test Manager – (participant in Due Diligence) Post-Acquisition leadership over test functions for a multi-billion dollar “merger of equals” at Fortune 50 Bank

Chief of Staff to COO of Fortune 50 Bank over $19B budget with 10 Clevel direct reports

IT Audit Manager over Special Projects including Fraud Investigations programming team which saved company over $20mm in losses during that time for Fortune 50 Bank

IT Program Manager over $17mm IT & Operations enterprise-wide process improvement program for Fortune 50 Bank

IT Program and Implementation Management Consultant for multi-billion dollar bank conversions throughout the U.S.Co-founder, CIO and COO of thriving communication and leadership skills
development firm

Board member (Secretary and President, respectively) for Community and Professional Services non-profit organizations

Key Business Transactional Experience:
Co-founder of a newly thriving small business, with all the learning and experience that entails from financial, business & strategic plans, marketing, branding, licensing and certifications to systems, security, program, accounts, administrative, personnel and risk management.

As an IT Project and Program Manager, key activities for success always included being on budget and on time, communicating well to all levels, managing risk, redundancy, recovery, marketing, testing, issue
resolution, compliance, security, schedules and resources successfully.  Some of the major initiatives led through the years include: Due diligence participation in acquisitions and leadership of key programs and initiatives for the integration and merge or conversion post-acquisition for multi-billion dollar banks; Strategic planning and leadership for data center closures and consolidations and infrastructure-wide (system agnostic) systems health management; Successful creation and implementation of strategic plans for enterprisewide process improvements across a multi-billion dollar corporation, including all financial planning, budgeting, regulatory and security requirements; Development and implementation of multi-billion dollar bank system conversions as a contractor successfully in extremely short time-spans while building relationships and ensuring knowledge transfer; Seamless translation of systems and people skills from one industry to another (banking to utilities) and successful implementation of programs in each

Mentor to Project Managers, Entrepreneurs, Youth-At-Risk, and Women in Technology

What is the most important skill you bring to a corporate board?
With a well-rounded background from retail, markets and operations to IT and human capital, Devie Dragone brings listening and the desire to learn, critical thinking, integrity, people skills and a strong work ethic to a corporate board. She understands the governance role of the board and the balanced relationship needed between the board and management. Ms. Dragone has large corporation, non-profit, and small business/entrepreneurial experience, understands the regulatory environment, the security and risk management needs in our world, and the rapidly changing markets and marketing, IT and communications realms. Recognized for perseverance and the ability to bring solidity and stability to ambiguous and chaotic environments, Dragone would be a valuable asset to a corporate board.