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Chitra Ragavan

Founder and CEO
Goodstory Consulting

I am the Founder and CEO of Goodstory, a Washington D.C. based global advisory firm for technology startups, with a specialty in strategic and asymmetric brand positioning and storytelling. Put simply, I put startups and their leaders on the map. My specialty is crafting long-term business strategies that result in sustainable companies with a durable competitive edge.

With my first-of-its-kind focus on technology startups, I work side-by-side with founders and CEOs to shape and align a clear product vision with a unified, compelling narrative woven into an organization’s fabric.  I also offer strategic guidance to venture capital firms and corporate boards to help position their portfolio companies, identify promising startups, and pinpoint ways to reduce the gender gap in venture funding.

As technology continues to permeate all facets of life, tech enterprises have an unprecedented opportunity and reach to do global good. I partner with companies and venture capital funds who want to push the world forward.

Describe your industry experience:

Prior to founding Goodstory, I spent a decade as a trusted, results-oriented and tireless C-Suite advisor with deep experience in emerging tech and news media platforms.  I served as Chief Strategy Officer, trusted C-Suite confidante, and Senior Counselor to startup Founders and CEOs including global data analytics unicorn Palantir, and blockchain and cryptocurrency leader Gem. Building on that wealth of experience and two decades in journalism at major television, radio, and print outlets including NPR and U.S. News, I launched Goodstory, an advisory firm with expertise in strategic brand positioning, narrative, and storytelling.

Here are the areas where I bring the greatest value:

  • Technology startups needing a strong brand voice, narrative, and story.
  • CEOs and Founders seeking a trusted advisor on building their companies from startup to unicorn and crossing the chasm through strategic and asymmetric positioning and building s strong narrative and story for their company vision, mission and product.
  • CEOs and Founders interested in instituting a strong corporate culture and investing in human capital in their organizations.
  • Digital News Media platforms that need a strong editorial presence and leadership combined with a deep technology background.
  • Venture Firms and Boards seeking to identify companies that have a strong brand voice and narrative or seeking to create strong brand voice and narrative.

Describe your functional experience:

  • Founder and CEO of Goodstory – Creating a consulting firm with a unique mission and brand
  • Strategic Advisor to the CEO of Ground Truth Intelligence (London startup) – Advising on all aspects of scaling a startup
  • Senior Strategic Advisor to the CEO of Palantir Technologies (Palo Alto Unicorn) – Helped lead company from a 50-person startup to a 2,000-employee Unicorn, advising the CEO and leadership team on business development, marketing, communications, and asymmetric strategy.
  • Chief Strategy Officer / Chief Communications Officer to the CEO of Gem (LA startup) – Right hand to the CEO and trusted confidante, leading the company through multiple product pivots and difficult marketing and communications outreach and numerous employee recruiting, retention and cultural challenges, navigating investor and board relations through difficult periods.
  • Chief Legal Affairs Correspondent, US News and World Report (US News) – Built a deep knowledge of national security, legal, and law enforcement issues during my eight-year tenure on the news and investigative teams.
  • National Correspondent, National Public Radio (NPR) – Built a deep knowledge of Congressional, national security, legal, law enforcement, politics and healthcare and medical issues during my five-year tenure on the air.

Describe your key business transactional experience:

  • Chief Strategy Officer / Chief Communications Officer to the CEO of Gem (LA startup) – Right hand to the CEO and trusted confidante, leading the company through multiple product pivots and challenging marketing and communications outreach and numerous employee recruiting, retention and cultural challenges, and navigating investor and board relations through successive difficult periods in the company’s growth.

What is the most important skill you bring to a corporate board?

I have built a wealth of knowledge and expertise about technology startups of every size (0-5, 5-50, 50 – 200, 200-2,000), giving me a unique lens into the challenges that confront startups and also many larger companies today that are buffeted by the winds of technological upheaval.

I’ve been steeped in the technology startup world for nearly 11 years now, deep in the trenches and working directly with Founders and CEOs, boards and investors, in good times and in bad times, including product and mission pivots of a difficult nature.

I understand how Founders and CEOs think, work, and execute on bold visions and missions, their strengths and weaknesses, their ability to rally the troops and convince their investors and backers about their companies, products, and goals.

I combine that unique experience with more than two decades as a journalist, on television, radio, print, blogs, and podcasts. This gives me a unique mix of skills that I bring to companies and corporate boards, the ability to combine ideas from two long and successful careers and using it to create asymmetric strategies for positioning companies for the long haul, using my storytelling skills to add a strong narrative voice, build organizational culture and human capital, and in the process, creating one-of-a kind stories for these companies. I have deep interpersonal skills and am a skilled leader and manager.