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Ann Wilson

Sr. VP of Gov't Affairs
Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Assn.

Industry Experience:
I have represented a wide range of industries before legislative and regulatory bodies for over 25 years. The last 16 years I have represented manufacturers in the motor vehicle industry (tires and motor vehicle components.)

Functional Experience:
I have extensive experience before state, federal, and international legislative and regulatory bodies. I represent over 1000 corporations and manage the public policy program for the largest employer of manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

Key Business Transactional Experience:
I currently report to five separate divisional boards. I have extensive experience providing strategic advice to corporations. In addition, I have had experience in managing public affairs during an industry crisis.

What is the most important skill you bring to a corporate board?
I have molded manufacturing policy for over 16 years. I know the assets necessary for a manufacturing corporation to grow and I also have knowledge of federal and state programs that can assist manufacturers to strengthen their capacity. I appreciate supply chain management and the role international development plays in the stability and growth of domestic manufacturing.

In addition, as a trade association employee, I know how to drive consensus between strong individuals while achieving specific goals and objectives.